The Blossomwood Foundation, 501 (c) (3), was established in 2014 by PDE Dzene (Jenny) Juceviciute and her husband Dr. Vito Pukis MD.

​During countless International First Responder of immediate natural disaster relief travels we learned that philanthropic industry’s good intention to GIVE to the poorest of the poor often mentally harm them. Many organizations have good intentions to help, but often falls short to understand WHAT IS THE NEED,. 

We - philanthropists are responsible to take time and recourses to learn about and to form a TRUST with the people we helping.

 Then we'll be able to create better strategies and together find the most effective ways to improve lives.  

Recently we have shifted our focus to a specific and very complex goal

Happy Village - a model of self-sufficient and happy community in Central Uganda.

 For years now we have been working with businesses, institutional organizations and schools to implement

unique educational self leadership programs helping to live successful life full of

 compassion, gratefulness, joy and inner peace.

 Finding UGANDA and becoming a Princess 

There is a Kingdom called Buruuli in a country of Uganda. 

After a short first trip to Uganda with fellow Rotarian Rodger Qualls we found a community what have been living in severe socio-economic and natural disaster vortex since 2014.

Blossomwood Foundation Board of Directors have made a decision to adopt Kasenyi village displaced community and shift the focus from a temporary support to natural disaster relief victims worldwide to much needed transformative complex long term change in one geographical region.

Many wonderful local collaborative contacts have been found which formed some very trustworthy relationships.

In 2020 His Royal Highness of Buruuli Kingdom, King Isabaruuli adopted Jenny to be his sister and gave her a title and the name of HRH Princess Bisabyere.

We are looking forward to work with organizations and individuals who're interested in various DIRECT self-sufficiency and support programs.

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How your donation will help?

$20 = 4-5 small chickens without medical treatment.

       = seeds and basic one time fertilizer for 1acre of land.

       = staple food (beans and maze flour) for one median size family to last 2 weeks.

$50 = 5-8 year old child local village annual school fees.

       = rent 1acre of arable land.

       = basic fertilizer for 1 acre of arable land.

       = 10 chickens with medical treatment.

$100 = 2 goats

         = Local trades annual school fee.

         = 9-13 year old child's village annual school fee+books and uniform.

$300 = a cow+rent a bull to produce.

$500 = relocation package for landless families.

Monthly donation options
Children education program

All pictures/videos on this website are from our private collection and was made by Blossomwood Foundation volunteers.