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Caribbean Islands hurricanes

September 6th and September 19th of 2017.

Hurricane Irma and Maria. Both cat 5.


We donated total 3,025 lbs of dog food to feed starving animals left in Barbuda and Dominica. 


Situation in Barbuda was especially worrisome. People deserted the island and unfortunately were not allowed to bring their pets along. Two weeks after hurricane Irma, we found some dogs still chained without any food or water supplies!!! We worked with the Humane Society and Environmental Office in Antigua to establish a better long term plan to care for displaced animals. 


Hazel Green Animal Hospital from Huntsville, donated some medical supplies and medicine.


My local partner was Ms. Ruth Spencer from Environmental office. We are grateful for Antigua Dominica Relief Fund who allowed us to stay and travel together with them in Dominica.

We brought 4 water purification filters with the capacity of 1 million liters free of bacteria and viruses.

In Dominica where all the country was severely devastated and received very little support we brought total of 83 boxes of various necessities such as food, hygiene and medical supplies. 

Star Market Pharmacy, Compound Pharmacy and Blossomwood Medical in Huntsville donated antibiotics and some other medicine and medical supplies. We left some at the local hospital in Marigot village and some shared with a physicians team from Palestine.

Lowe's in Huntsville donated 60 solar lights. Some we left at the hospital where they had no generator whatsoever. Remaining amount we distributed to the local poor villages and shelters where displaced people were staying.

During our second trip in January, Garvin Seeds helped by donating seeds to distribute to poor indigenous Kalinago farmers in Dominica.


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