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Countless people appreciate and thank all donors who have decided to take an initiative to support our projects

Some of you have expressed a request to remain anonymous and we respect  and follow your wishes.

We are very thankful for trusting us with your funds to help reduce poverty with DIRECT outreach.

A wonderful man has dedicated funds in the memory of his beautiful wife Nancy Long to build a market at Happy village where locals would  sell handmade crafts and food items

We also would like to acknowledge  Alpha Kappa Alpha of Madison County, Alabama for adding on contribution to build houses for 3 families at Happy Village.

Laurel is a proud mommy sponsoring 6 children to go to boarding school. Her Mom Debbie donated close to a full container of various goodies. Such an amazing wholehearted Humanitarian!

Aunty "B..." is sponsoring 4 beautiful children and wants this acknowledgment remain with God. 

Patrick has donated funds to build one of Happy Village facility buildings.

Sharon is another wonderful lady who has 3 boys at boarding school, funded to build 14 bunk beds and periodically sends construction tools and various goodies to all precious, but very poor children in Buruuli Kingdom.

Special thanks is going to Sheri Aycock who is making regular contributions and has 7 children at boarding school, 50 - at local village schools, built houses for 2 families and contributes to many other ongoing programs. 

All our staff members are volunteers. If you're interested to partner/volunteer at our tiny grass-root foundation, please contact us by sending a message via instagram, facebook or email:

We are private operational foundation. Some of our internal funds are going toward travel expenses to fund Jenny's trips to Uganda, but all 100% of your donations are DIRECTLY reaching poorest people in Buruuli Kingdom, Uganda.

In the name of all people who were helped through your kind donations we're humbly thanking you!

Without compassionate HUMANS like you we would not be able to provide the support and safe lives.

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