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ONE is the magical #

Siraji got enrolled to our education sponsorship program thanks to his younger sister Patricia in mid of 2018.

Sister was saving her favorite older brother from abusive step dad. Boy's face and body was covered with  scars from caning.

The extraordinary leadership skills and strong common sense soon put him to the top position at school - Siraji became

a Head Boy of the entire school.

Not once I would find him reading in the darkness while everyone else are already long asleep.

He has absolutely wonderful sponsor - Debbie - who is supporting this boy by funding his education and other ongoing needs. 

There was a time in 2019 when he was very sick with malaria. I would leave him to stay with my computer by showing him how to use it briefly for a few minutes at a time.

A few days later such initiative resulted in a document below. He have learned to type and created those wonderful quotes solely from experiences of his own life! Amazing boy, isn't he?

                                                                   DON'T NEGLECT YOURSELF

  • Life is like a fruit on sunshine which needs to be watered.

  • Forgive, but remember not to get too close to get hurt again.

  • Be okey with the little you have.

  • Bad people give lessons, good people give happiness and the best people give memories.

  • No matter how big is your challenge there always be someone who’ll see beauty within you.

  • Accident is a mistake, but cheating is not.

  • Beautiful face is nothing without wonderful heart

  • No winter last forever and no spring jumps its turn.

  • Strong wall shakes, but won’t fall down

  • Having 100 friends is not a miracle, but one true friend will remain on your side even 100’s are against you.

  • There always be someone who have less and more than you.

  • Everything changes according to the rotation of the earth.

  • No one can change a person, but someone can be a reason for the person to change.

  • Be quick to listen, but slow to speak.

  • If you want to be a leader learn to be around people with different characters.

  • Seek for advice in order to have a good future.

  • To find what you can do the best you do it all.

  • Don’t use someone’s weakness to hide your low self esteem.

  • Try to get 100 reasons to hide weaknesses.

  • Not everyone in the world deserves your trust.

  • Don’t depend on another person’s power.

  • If you can tell your story without a tear it means that you are healed.

  • Don’t be proud because being proud is nothing.

  • Excellent is my target.

The Brothers

It took me a full year to find Gadaffi after taking the picture above in 2017... and a miracle led to find TWO brothers!

There was something much deeper and way way beyond his beautiful smile! It stuck in my mind and there was no way I could just let it go...

After finding them we got the information that mom has passed away long time ago and dad instead of sending them to study made to work by forming bricks. After selling it, dad would buy alcohol and kids would only eat once a day.

Their sponsors are wonderful and paying school tuition and gifts.

These two have a special place in my heart, especially nonstop talking Sesanga!


Jane was known as girl with a red hair... ​

When we visited her family, mom was on the run from Jane's alcoholic dad and built herself a new house... or to be more precise - just a house frame. Yes, their house had absolutely no walls! It was beginning of 2019. 

Since then, dad came back and heavy daily drinking marathon began again. Mom returned to her old drinking habits as well.

We have tried to talk to them, but till now no positive change happened. 

During coronavirus country lockdown Jane as the other children are back home from school... but due to the biggest flooding in the area they have lost the house and are staying in already crammed our humble community center. Her parents would quarrel daily making the girl to cry from the hunger and from the emotional heartbreak to observe parents mistreating her and her siblings. 

To top the story up: Jane is EXCELLENT in her studies and the only ONE who got the maximal grade  - 500 points in the whole school!!!

Recently we had an opportunity to move Jane to live with her aunty at our newly formed non-alcohol settlement Happy Village.

Now she is learning to be happy and not to worry if she'll have a meal today...


Patricia and Joan probably are the most compassionate girls I have ever met anywhere in the world!!!

Their stories are very different, but the level of compassion is the same - simply amazing!


Simon just as James was spotted the night after we already picked all new children. It was a very busy day of hosting a run for whole community...

Going through videos and photos that night I saw his damaged shorts... I just couldn't!

Very next morning I went yelling with the photo in phone "Who is this child?!?!"

We found him an hour later sweeping compound by his humble mud hut. He was wearing the same shorts and as my eyes were going down I noticed a fresh blood soaking through the heavy layer of dust on one of his toes.

Poor boy's toe nail was absent and deep wound was clearly visible. He said that he played soccer in the morning and accidentally knocked it onto the rock....

He turned out to be the best soccer player at school!


James was spotted AFTER we have already selected the very first 11 children to go to school. I was going through the pictures and eyes kept finding the same boy dressed in pink pants and old fairy girl's t'shirt constantly leaning toward my side trying to get into each and every picture...

His dad has two wives with total number of 20 children. Since it is not enough space to sleep inside the house children sometimes have to rotate who sleeps "in" and who sleeps "out"...

He has the most wonderful sponsor Sharon who sponsors 3 boys to go to school and sometimes even funds the extra bag with the goodies for me to bring to Uganda for children!!!


Queenie is a sweet girl from a very poor family with a single mom.

She's quite new in our program, but trying her very best to study well.


One late evening we were walking in the village accidentally found this little girl crying while washing cooking pots in the darkness. She was crying because of hunger since there there no food left for her to eat that day, but still she was asked to wash empty pots!

Balla - a boy in pink oversized t-shirt was found full of itchy wounds and his t-shirt was dirty to the point that it could stand straight up! ​

We have learned that his family situation is in the dire state where his true guardian is his older 8 year old sister, who was taking care of cooking, bathing all siblings, washing clothes and even repairing a mud house they live in!

We found lice and bed bugs EVERYWHERE in the house.

Now all three have sponsors to go to boarding school.


Ruth is an orphan and staying with her grandma who is taking care of 11 children!

She is a very quiet girl and at first it was not easy to transition from tribal daily lifestyle into a boarding school setting.

Now she has risen to be #4 in her class!

What a transformation!!!

Her sponsor Allen is a painter who works for Home Depot  and is   absolutely amazing HUMAN!


Her name perfectly fits her personality! 

A facial tumor was bothering Patience for a year after the major tooth inflammation.

January of 2019 we have raised funds to get tumor removal surgery at hospital in Kampala.

Now we're raising funds to put back 6 teeth which were removed during the surgery. 

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