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About Us

The Blossomwood Foundation, 501(c) (3), was established in the beginning of 2014 by Dr. Vito Pukis, M.D., and his wife Dzene (Jenny) Juceviciute.

The initial goal of the foundation was to assess the situation in the poorest part of the Nepal - Karnali region and start philanthropic work in that region. After a couple of trips, we learned that there were already a lot of Non Government Organizations (NGO) and governmental organizations from the UK, Germany, Denmark, Norway, the United States, and many others, actively working toward the necessary improvement in that region.

As a former athlete and used to rising to challenges, Jenny concluded the most effective help she could provide was to victims of natural disasters. And she set out to do just that... and more.

​During countless observations locally and internationally, we learned that the philanthropic industry’s good intentions to GIVE to the poorest of the poor often mentally harm them. Various organizations were attempting to change the overall perception of being poor, but fell short by failing to provide those in poverty with the proper information that would encourage them to find effective ways to improve their lives over the long term.  

Besides distributing water purification filters, staple foods, hygiene products, and providing primary medical help, we also began to raise funds and distribute the basic tools needed to help people get back to their previous lives as soon as possible. Tons of work gloves, hammers, shovels, roofing materials and small household necessities were given, leaving victims of natural disasters with hope and a path to self-sufficiency.

 The age of self-importance and narcissistic tendencies in which we live has reached an almost epidemic level.

Positive mindset and unconditional inner peacefulness are rarity these days.

 We create and implement unique educational programs to help people to live a life full of compassion, gratefulness, joy and deeper kind of happiness.