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This is a list of some of our current programs:

1. Children's tea club.

Weekly personal development discussions club for children and parents.

Note: Monthly needed funds for tea and banana pancakes - $120

2. Medical treatment for children and adults at Happy Village.

Sometimes we also help to admit very sick people from Munami camp.

Note: Monthly needed funds to run this project: $250 - $350  

4. Doggie feeding program.

Daily dog (50+) feeding program teaching children and adults compassion, love, and unity.

Note: Weekly funds needed $80

5. Boarding school for children.

At the moment we have 69 children at Walter Academy, Bethel Royal High School, and Sam Owori Memorial primary school.

Some children are orphans living with their relatives who cannot feed them.

Some children are from families of single parents or parents who choose alcohol over the care of their children.

Note: Annual fee to place a child at a boarding school is $395 (primary) and $450  for high school. The price does not include the transportation fee from and back to school after each term (3 terms), scholastic materials, shoes, hygiene supplies, and other miscellaneous school requirements. Please add an additional $150-$200 to meet basic school requirements for the full year.

6. Yearly 5k run; bicycle race and boat race.

Since 2018 we host 5k run.

We call it Buruuli Green.

We found cash prizes to be the most desirable of all the alternatives.

The budget for each sports event is $1000.

Note: We are looking for donors who could contribute to making this race into a race of the whole Buruuli Kingdom.

7. Vocational and English language groups.

a) Sewing b) Reading c) Carpenter d) English language

Note: Monthly needed funds - $340

8. Basket weaving

This project directly supports women and children. We have a group of women who help and work together with children to produce beautiful baskets using ancient weaving techniques. We are bringing it to the USA to sell several times per year. Please text or look up our social media for updates. Original, one-of-the-kind basket - $50 donation goes directly to the artist who has created it. Please enquire by email or text message.


At the end of 2018, we acquired 6 acres of land on the Kampala - South Sudan highway.

We have started a roadside market where people sell their

handmade crafts and foods.

At the moment we have built housing and already relocated very 9 very poor families who lost everything after lake Kyoga flooded.

Note: There are still many families on the list waiting for kind people families who could take an initiative to DIRECTLY adopt them and support their relocation packages:

a) Build a family house $2300 - $3100.

b)Fund for one family  for self-sufficient small businesses $100 - $650

c) Send a child to boarding school for $395 per year + $150 - $200 for basic needs.


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Adopt a family (mostly women with children!) for monthly donation you will choose yourself.

Please email:


Thanks for submitting!

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