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Lifelong observational character and passion to grow internally put me on methodical self studying of human psychology and permanent inner peace 30+ years ago. 

How fascinating and magical Gift of Life is! How deeply we misunderstand and take it for granted!

There is plenty of room to open ourselves up to learn how to eliminate daily stress and enhance our life purpose.

Personal development programs help to reduce acute stress experienced by victims of natural disasters around the world; inspires educators in refugee camps and provides value to many our partner schools in Uganda.

Ability to control own thought and emotion process serves as an invaluable tool in our daily lives.

To be a great leader means to lead by example of self mastery.

As a member of African Curriculum Association, Blossomwood Foundation provide complementary workshops to inspire educators in Uganda to grow and improve their communication skills with pupils and co-workers.

We also travel to work with business teams to improve individual and collective leadership skills. 


Some of our Personal Development Programs




I'm just a tiny part in the process of the most beautiful painting made by the nature


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