Personal Development Education




We know that we want to live a meaningful life full of joy and realized dreams. We try to achieve it, but just a few can honestly say:  

How fascinating and magical Gift of Life is!

Why do we misunderstand it and often take it for granted?

To learn how to eliminate daily stress and enhance life experience might be the most necessary and challenging study of all.

The ability to control a thought and emotion processes is an invaluable tool in each and everyone's daily life.

To be a great leader to others can materialize only by being a great leader to self first.

Our programs helped to reduce acute stress experienced by many victims of natural disasters around the world; inspired educators in refugee camps and provided a life changing value to countless teachers and students in Uganda.

As a member of African Curriculum Association (ACA), Blossomwood Foundation advocates educators to grow and advance their communication skills with pupils and co-workers.

We also work with business teams to improve individual and collective leadership skills. 


Some of our Personal Development Programs




I'm just a tiny part in the process of the most beautiful painting made by the nature