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Solomon Islands Earthquake

7.8Mw earthquake on December 8th and 6.9Mw December 10th, 2016

After a 40+ hours trip, on December 12th Blossomwood Foundation landed in Honiara - the capital of Solomon Islands.


To reach the affected Makira island took another 27h by cargo boat.


Severely exhausted but with very limited time till departure, medical awareness followed by medical clinic was started in the tribal village of Wango.


9 boxes of various medical, hygiene supplies, medicine, basic necessities were bought in the capital city.


From the US, we brought 9 huge capacity water filters, hydration solutions, and other medical supplies.


We distributed hundreds of hygiene packets, diapers, plates, cups, spoons, knives, matches, flashlights, LED lights and much more...


One box full of various medical supplies and 4 water filters was donated to the hospital in Kira Kira - the main town of Makira Island.

Additional Solomon Islands pictures